6 Ways to Keep Hold of Awesome Employees


You’ve worked hard to recruit the right people for your organisation… now you’ve got them, how do you keep them? The days of a long term career with one employer have gone, so how do you create a workplace that will encourage employees to stay?

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“We work closely with our clients to ensure that people we place are a good fit with both the job vacancy and the culture of the organisation,” says Liz Felstead, founder of Essential Results independent recruitment agency in Stevenage Old Town. “When you invest in introducing a new person to your team, it makes sense to help their development and to create a positive, productive work environment. High staff turnover is expensive and bad for morale!”

So how do you keep employees happy in their work?

1. Flexibility – from working hours to dress code, offering flexibility (whilst protecting your business’ image and requirements) is certain to increase engagement and satisfactions amongst your team.

2. Thank you –  a simple thank you can go a long way. It’s good to think about the person involved and what they would most value: a shout out at a team meeting or a quiet thank you behind the scenes.

3. Tools for success – provide employees with the tools and autonomy they need to work productively. Training (such as courses) and learning opportunities (shadowing or mentoring) are great opportunities and should be available – and optional – for all employees.

4. Offer vs. order – “Some people thrive under a challenge. Others are the perfect team players, and like it that way,” says James Parsons for the Entrepreneur. “Reversing roles and assigning responsibility to someone who doesn’t hold up to the pressure can be disastrous. Offer the responsibility to the team leaders who want to take it, and allow those who prefer to work cooperatively to do so.”

5. Positive workplace relationships – from team building events to away days and social gatherings… creating a harmonious team spirit will mean a happier, more productive workforce.

6. Get it right first time! High staff turnover can be avoided if the right people are recruited in the first place. “We always take the time to get to know a company and the environment where a successful candidate would be working,” says Essential Results’ Liz. “I’m pleased to say that our placements are well suited to the roles they apply for. A good fit is likely to be the start of a longer term employment”

These steps are easily implemented and create a great opportunity for long term, successful employment. If you’re looking for your perfect candidate or would love a new role where employees really do matter, contact the friendly team at Essential Results. Based in Stevenage, we work across north Herts and beyond – let’s talk!

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