Will Technology Take Your Job?

Technology is amazing, but here’s a scary fact: technology has already taken over 90% of the jobs humans used to do, (Forbes, Jan 2018). Wow.

The Guardian reports that four million jobs in the British private sector could be replaced by robots in the next decade. Automation and artificial intelligence is having a huge impact upon our employment market and therefore job search too.

Research says that jobs in finance and accounting, transport and distribution and in media, marketing and advertising are most likely to be automated. So – if you are searching for a job, how do you compete with technology?

Four Reasons Why You’re Better Than A Robot

1.     Creativity

Humans are good at thinking outside of the box: seeing connections when they are not there. In other words, humans are good at seeing the ‘big picture’.

2.     Relationships

Whilst skills and experience and undoubtedly important, it’s rapport that creates great working relationships. In today’s email-driven world, it’s great to pick up the phone – or even meet someone face-to-face, (we’ll compromise with Skype!). Humour, compassion (support), compromise… these are human traits that robots can’t achieve.

3.     Trust

Machines are logical, efficient and reliable. But – there’s something very human about interpreting events, actions, tone of voice that simply can’t be automated.

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships,” Stephen Covey, author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.

4.     Consideration

Robots cannot consider feelings – genuinely – like a person can. Millions of companies use terrible automated voice systems, keeping their customers at a distance – never realising how many customers they lose overnight because of these hard of hearing robots.

“People relate to people, not robots,” says Liz Felstead of Essential Results. “In Stevenage, we have lots of big companies who use automation effectively – however they are still keen to employ talented people.

“We encourage all our candidates to demonstrate their people skills when they apply for a job. These strengths are important to every job search. We help our candidates to shine in their applications and at interviews.”

If you are looking for a person – rather than a robot – to join your team, or if you’re looking for a new challenge, talk to the team at Essential Results. We promise you’ll reach a real human!

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