How to Create the Ultimate Workspace


It’s well known that productivity and happiness at work is directly influenced by the type of workspace that people work in. But what is involved with creating the ultimate workspace?

“As part of our recruitment agency role, we make a point of understanding the working environment that the successful candidate will be working in,“ says Liz Felstead, founder of Essential Results employment agency in Old Stevenage.

“That means we visit every single client to understand their culture and the workplace,” adds Liz. “Ultimately, this helps us to forward applicants who are best suited to not only the role, but the working environment too.”

Liz continues: “Many of our clients in and around Stevenage, Hitchin and Letchworth offer fabulous work spaces. If we feel that the working situation is inappropriate we simply won’t take on the recruitment role.

“Poor work environments are detrimental to productivity and health, eventually increasing staff turnover. A little investment can make a positive change, helping employers and their staff alike.”

It’s true: our environment shapes our ability to think.

Exeter University has researched the impact of personalised work spaces. Results showed that allowing staff to customise their desks with small personal objects such as photos and mementoes increases productivity by 32%. Wow!

Four Powerful Workspace Features:

To create positive energy and productivity in your workplace, consider these features:

  1. Colour

A dash of colour (via design or maybe a feature wall) is shown to have a positive influence upon concentration and productivity. Blue is the most intellectually stimulating of colours, yellow inspires creativity, red affects the physical body, whilst green inspires a sense of calm and balance.

  1. Natural Light

Scientific studies suggest that natural light in the workplace boosts the immune system, increases dopamine (our brains’ feel good hormone) and lowers cortisol (our brain’s stress hormone) levels. In other words, being in a naturally-lit room helps us to reduce feelings of anxiety, increase feelings of wellbeing and all in all, increase our chances of productivity. (Via Virgin’s ‘Next Generation’ series.)

  1. Noise

The level and type of noise in our workplace affects our ability to concentrate. Some thrive on volume, others find silence difficult and distracting. Sometimes, headphones are the answer – although they can block communication! Most people will be working close to others, so consideration of others’ needs is vital. Breakout areas for quiet concentration or spaces for collaboration and creativity can help build the right environment for various tasks.

  1. Nature

What is the simplest way to instantly increase our productivity? Buy a plant!  Exeter University’s study found that offices enriched with plants increased productivity of workers by 15% compared to more “lean” office decor, lacking plants. Even better, the results showed that plants placed throughout an office significantly increased workplace satisfaction, self-reported levels of concentration, and perceived air quality.

“The main point is that it doesn’t take much effort to create a productive workplace,” says Liz. “As well as helping to retain staff, it also makes a company more attractive to candidates. We must remember that recruitment is a two-way process.”

Would you like to know more? Contact the friendly recruitment experts at Essential Results. We don’t have a pool table or a fish tank, but we do have lots of natural light, an office plant and fantastic coffee!

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