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We are almost a third of the way through 2019, how are you getting on with your New Year Resolutions?  Are you “winning” or just “going well” or have you forgotten all about them?

Why is it that our good intentions and aspirations for the year seem to fizzle to nothing before the end of the first quarter?

A business mentor I know recently gave me some advice which could help turn our goals around and get them back on track, if you want to smash your goals – this could help you.

Write your Intention

As simple as this sounds it really does work.  Spend some time and think about what it is you want to achieve, when do you want to achieve it by?  Now imagine yourself there, you’ve achieved your goal…how does it feel?  Write a short paragraph detailing how you feel.  This is so powerful, trust me, the act of imagining yourself actually having achieved whatever it is you want to achieve, will have already taken you one step closer to achieving it.

Small Steps – Just do 1 thing

Part of the reason our resolutions fail is because we go at them at full speed with an “all or nothing” attitude. But what if you take the Turtle instead of the Hare approach and just do 1 thing daily which supports your goal?  Some people may choose 3 things or even 5 things but how about just starting with 1 and increasing it as you form habits.  It’s a well-known fact, if you practice something daily for 21 days it will become a habit…how hard can it be to just do 1 thing!

Be present and enjoy the journey

Most of us are so focused on the end result we forget to enjoy the journey.  One thing is for sure is that life is about Here and There…when you get to Here you always want to be There, so how about enjoying the journey otherwise, what’s the point?

Some wise words to finish with;

“If you have a bad day, remember that tomorrow is a wonderful gift and a new chance to try again.” ~Bryant McGill

“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” ~Unknown


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Daily accountability person: Chris Gardener – free to sign up and use – this is a brilliant tool to help keep you on track.

Book: Start with Why? – Simon Sinek

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