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Is Your CV Being Thrown In The Bin?

  So you have finally finished your CV, countless hours perfecting those job descriptions and finding those interesting things about yourself because putting ‘socialising with friends’ under your hobbies section was not an option. Now, the job search starts! You’re sending your CV out left, right and centre, everything seems to be going okay. Then… you receive the rejection emails or even worse, no response at all! Is your CV being thrown in the bin? Did you know that over two thirds of CVs are rejected at the first stage of the recruitment process? You need your CV to stand out from the crowd… to sit on your potential employer’s desk, not in their bin. Here’s how… 5 Top Tips to Improve Your CV Size really does matter When it comes to your CV – the size matters. Keep it a maximum of two pages long, anything more than that is not going to be given the time of day. Instead of lengthy descriptions use…

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