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Tackling Toxic Workers

Research results from 2017 show scary results: employees feel that managers are too tolerant of toxic employees. The causes a bigger problem… increased workplace stress and, ultimately, increased staff turnover. The report from fierce involved over 1,000 full-time employees. 76% of employees do not confront toxic co-workers directly. So - management simply must deal with these disruptive team members. What is a toxic employee? A staff member who is distracting at best… destructive at worst… within the workplace. Whether these individuals are lazy, a bully or a gossip…  they are definitely draining, sapping the energy and morale of their co-workers. The Employment Agency Perspective “We’re familiar with toxic employees and their impact on those around them as well as their employers’ businesses,” says Liz Felstead of Essential Results in Stevenage, Herts. “By carefully screening and interviewing candidates at the start of their job search process, we can eliminate possible toxic influences from the list of candidates.” Top of the list of toxic traits is ‘negative…

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