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Job Seeking Time Management Tips

    When you are looking for your next exciting role, time management plays a crucial part. Whether you are looking for work, going for an interview or starting a new job… your time management skills can make a huge difference. Here are our top tips for planning your time and increasing your chances of success in your job search: During Job Search  To-Do List – listing the actions that you need to do will help you to stay focussed. (These actions include phone calls, completing applications forms and employer research for example.) It’s also very satisfying when you cross the items you’ve finished off the list! Avoid Multi-Tasking – jugging different tasks, whether home or work orientated – with your search for a new job inevitably leads to distractions and interruptions. Go For It! Often, thinking about what you need to do takes more time than you think. Make sure that you action your tasks (on your to-do list) rather than just think about…

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