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Health Insurance: A Good Staff Benefit?

Welcome to the first of our articles which puts a local Stevenage business in the spotlight, shouting about the great service they offer local businesses and residents. At Essential Results, we work with many companies based in and around Stevenage. As a recruitment agency, we see all types of remuneration packages and employee benefits. Sometimes, employees have the option to join a health insurance scheme. Why would health insurance be a good staff benefit? There is, of course, one huge advantage to everyone involved… time! Should your staff be injured or ill, they will be seen quickly through a private health scheme. Quicker diagnosis, treatment and recovery means that less time is needed away from work. Everyone wins! Based in north Herts, Andy and Sally Greenwood of WPA Health Insurance offer the different ways that a private health scheme helps organisations and their people: 5 Major Employer Benefits: Tangible employee benefit Attracts and retains the best available staff as a staff perk Tailored, flexible packages…

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