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5 Strengths of Mature Job Seekers

The Benefits of Maturity! 45 years of age isn't old… but when you’re over 45 and job seeking it can feel that way. Those recruiting for their company can feel nervous about employing older workers. Their concerns focus on: Cost – older workers often look for more salary and benefits than younger job seekers Flexibility – youngsters can be more flexible and adaptable to change Energy levels – younger workers can concentrate for longer periods of time Time off – older workers sometimes have greater caring responsibilities, requiring days off Current knowledge – will older workers have an up-to-date of relevant systems, techniques and procedures? Employers take note… mature workers offer distinct benefits! 5 Strengths of Mature Job Seekers If you are over 45, 55 or even 65 and searching for a job you have many strengths to offer potential employers. Take a look… as a mature worker, you offer fantastic advantages to any organisation: Experience – you have seen different ways of achieving progress,…

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