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6 Ways to be Happy at Work

As an independent recruitment agency, we see lots of people who are looking for new jobs… because they are unhappy in their current role. We also know of some great companies in and around the Stevenage area who care about offering a supportive working environment – and retain their employees. “It’s great to see people that we’ve placed in local jobs enjoying their roles and developing their careers,” says Liz Felstead, founder of Essential Results. “A happy environment is definitely a more productive one!” 6 Tips for Workplace Happiness: Smile! Positive thinking is very powerful. Make a conscious effort to identify what is great about your job… and what you dislike. Talk to your supervisor and/or colleagues about how you can be supported to tackle the tasks you dislike and become good at them. We usually enjoy the jobs that we do well! Independence Research shows that employees with flexible work schedules are happier in their jobs than those with less control over where and…

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